The Hunt for Big Foot

The Mystery.

Big Foot is a big deal here in the South. There’s a whole following - a very serious following - attempting to hunt this guy (animal?) down. 

Since moving to Oklahoma 15 years ago, I’ve noticed a very common bumper sticker on many of the cars out here:

Now, I realize that some people enjoy the fun of Big Foot more than the reality, but others have completely bought into the hype. 

There are documentaries on people who have sold everything in order to hunt Big Foot with the hopes of finally catching him. 

That’s a lot of faith and desire and effort for something that may or may not exist.

I think part of it is the excitement of the hunt. 

It’s the POTENTIAL of the reality that is enticing. 

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Humble Pie? Don't Mind if I Do...

The Fake.

My last blog post tackled the issue of pride - how to identify it and surrender it to the Lord. As I’ve been meditating more on this topic, I’m realizing just how crucial dealing with pride is.

See, I have a problem though.  Humility is a tricky thing. It’s often misunderstood.

I think the enemy realizes how powerful true humility is, and tries to twist it into something it's not.

My personality tends toward more of the passive, chill, prefer others way of life, with a sprinkle of some people-pleasing tendencies here and there. 

My problem is that my personality can occasionally LOOK like humility. I began to wonder if maybe I’m just naturally humble. (Maybe she’s born with it? Not hardly.)

This natural tendency tells my brain that I’ve got this area covered, I'm winning (with humility of course), and I can move along. No need to inspect further. 

Except that this is a lie.

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Guest Post - My Adventure with You

Guest Post by Vivian Garcia, a senior Business Administration student at Oral Roberts University. Born and raised in Honduras, she now finds herself in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I grew up in church with a fantastic, Godly family, but my heart was always determined that I was unloved by God. When I was 18, this reality finally crashed in on me. I was in a relationship with a guy that was falling apart because my whole identity was based on it. My life was turned upside down when I had to pack my entire life in two suitcases and leave the only home I had ever known. God burned all the pillars that upheld my house over a broken foundation, and asked me to let him rebuild me from the ground up. 

Soon after this move, He found me on the floor of my university’s prayer tower, and He said, “I want all of you, not just your scraps.” For so long, I was living in religious routine instead of surrendered devotion or passion, and God loved me (and loves me) too much to let me stay that way. 

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Join the Club...

Every year at the start of the school year, I would have my eighth graders write an Autobiographical Essay.  This would give me a chance to get to know them, and also gauge their writing skills. 

One year, a student cracked me up.  She started her essay with something like this:

“Starting school each year is sort of like getting a new dog. You never can tell if the dog is a good fit until you’re a few months into ownership. It’s the same thing with teachers. They can smile and seem super nice on the first day, but you don’t find out what they are really like until you’re a few months in to school. And with both situations, there’s no changing it. You’re stuck.”

— Snarky 8th Grade Student

While I’m not usually a fan of being compared to a dog, I chuckled (not an evil teacher chuckle!) and felt her analogy was fairly accurate. There’s a lot we can’t control.

Many things in life are similarly thrust upon us. We just don’t have a choice in the matter.

Family is one of those things.

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