Photo by Savanna Dohler.

Photo by Savanna Dohler.


to make or declare sacred; especially :  to devote irrevocably to the worship of God by a solemn ceremony :  to devote to a purpose with or as if with deep solemnity or dedication.

The goal of this site is fourfold:

  1. Provide practical, every-day-life examples of how to walk out consecrated living.
  2. Create and encourage a community of people who are running in the same direction. Not running from bears. Running to Jesus.  Doing life together.
  3. Challenge people's expectations of what Christianity looks like.
  4. Prepare and make ready for Jesus to show up in our lives and in this nation.

Consecration is a scary word.  Most people associate it with giving up stuff you really like, or eating vegetables, or doing away with all fun everywhere. But the fun is only beginning.

In the Bible, consecration comes up a lot.  Usually it means to cleanse, to be devoted, to set apart, to make holy. Even Jesus consecrated Himself. And the really cool part is that God commands us to consecrate ourselves right before He shows up on the scene to do something awesome!

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”
— Joshua 3:5

So what does a journey of consecration look like?

Imagine being invited by Someone super awesome to go climb a mountain.  But this isn't just a couple hour excursion.  This is a real mountain, and this adventure will take days.  

 Photo by Luke Pamer

Photo by Luke Pamer

First, you would need to make preparations. What will you need to take with you? Will you need a harness? Hiking boots? Ropes? Crampons? What will you need to leave behind? Do you really need to bring that electronic device (with nowhere to plug it in)? Your Proactive facewash? Your favorite pillow? This adventure will cost you something, but you're excited because you're going somewhere you've never been before! 

In a way, consecration is the process of getting ready for where you are going and for what God is about to do.  This isn't just a couple hour excursion.  This adventure will take days - a lifetime really... continuing into eternity. And it will cost you something, but it is so worth the view that awaits you! 

I feel God is calling us to consecration because I believe there is a coming outpouring of God’s Spirit on America, which will result in a great harvest of souls.  But first, He's calling us to make preparations. This is wildly exciting, and I want to be prepared for and part of this movement through prayer and fasting, actively engaging our local church body, and by providing resources to equip people through this website. I post new content on walking out this life of consecration every other week.    

God is inviting us up higher, and my heart is responding with a resounding yes! You, too, have a place and a part in this incredible journey. We need you. Hopefully, these pages will sound out a call to get in position, to set aside every weight, and to run our races with endurance - together. 

This is an invitation to consecration.