Sharing Jesus Without Being Weird

The Dream.

Every so often, sharing Jesus with someone is like a firework going off... It's instantaneous and bright and beautiful - especially on missions trips or outreaches.  I once went to Jamaica on a missions trip and the coolest thing happened:

One local Jamaican had a dream about a guy on our team sharing the Gospel with him.  He started freaking out when he saw the same guy from his dream in the street.  He actually walked up and said, “Do you have something to share with me?”

This guy heard the Gospel, then gave his life to Christ! Jesus is so cool!

Coming back to real life though is usually a wake up call.  Sharing Jesus with people in your own culture, that you see on a regular basis is a little more… interesting. How do we travel these ordinary days with the extraordinary Gospel in a way that isn't weird?

 Photo by Cole Hutson

Photo by Cole Hutson

The Normal.

Here are 6 things you can do that will help you share Jesus in your everyday life:

Pray for the Lost. Prayer is powerful.  I believe that when we pray for something, our hearts connect with God’s heart and we see everything differently. When we pray for the lost (people who don't have a relationship with Jesus), our hearts will turn toward them and really SEE them like God does. How does God feel about those who aren’t in His family yet?  Pray and find out. This is a crucial first step. If you want to get crazy, ask God to send people who are ready to know Jesus across your path (!).  Then watch and see what happens.  

Get around people who need Jesus. For most people, this happens naturally at school, work, or even with family.  However, some of us need to make the most of every opportunity.  I work at home. Most of my good friends are Christians. The majority of non-Christians I encounter are at the grocery store, the library (nerd), or when I’m out running errands. These are prime opportunities for me to share Jesus, so I put on the right mindset when I’m in these situations. There are also outreaches that you can join and have a consistent time built in to your week to share Jesus with others. 

Be friendly. See people and talk to them. Practice the skill of conversation by asking good questions, being a good listener, and looking for entry points in our convo to share the Gospel. The Gospel is in everything. Don’t be creepy. Don’t be weird.  We aren't selling something - we are passionate about a Person. Share that excitement! Part of having natural conversations about Jesus is being comfortable in our own skin and confident in the power of the Gospel. Make time to be interrupted by people - like Jesus. A lot of his ministry happened while He was on the way to do something else.

@@Part of having natural conversations about Jesus is being comfortable in our own skin and confident in the power of the Gospel@@ 

Serve others practically. Is someone hungry? Do they need a jacket? If you’re able, make it happen!  Then honestly and humbly share what great things God has done in your life. Ask if you can pray for them - see if there are some other, deeper needs that God can meet through prayer. I don’t always have money, but I usually have snacks (always hungry here), so I can share a snack, and offer to pray. 

Know the Word. Say you've done all these things, and someone is open!  They want to know Jesus - then what? Each situation is different - so like Paul says - Be all things to all people.  Look for connections and start there. They love music?  Try to connect that to the Gospel - Have you heard of ____ song?, The Lord made music. Music connects us with the heart of God, etc. Then share the 3 main parts of the Gospel: Who Jesus is. What He did. What happened as a result. This may sound hard, but it's easier than you think!

Know that a salvation prayer is not the only "win." Salvation can happen in a moment - you hear, you decide, you commit. But with most people, it's a process. God draws us, and it can take time to lay down our whole life. The Word of God is alive and powerful and will not return empty. Offer to introduce people to Christ, but give space if they need more time. Jesus is always up to some good! 

* Remember that the goal of sharing Jesus is not to debate with people. Those with ears to hear, let them hear. 

Are you ready to have some conversations?  Who in your life could you connect with and share what Jesus has done for you? 

Check out this super creative video that shares the Gospel in 6 words: