The Hunt for Big Foot

The Mystery.

Big Foot is a big deal here in the South. There’s a whole following - a very serious following - attempting to hunt this guy (animal?) down. 

Since moving to Oklahoma 15 years ago, I’ve noticed a very common bumper sticker on many of the cars out here:

Now, I realize that some people enjoy the fun of Big Foot more than the reality, but others have completely bought into the hype. 

There are documentaries on people who have sold everything in order to hunt Big Foot with the hopes of finally catching him. 

That’s a lot of faith and desire and effort for something that may or may not exist.

I think part of it is the excitement of the hunt. 

It’s the POTENTIAL of the reality that is enticing. 

The Hunt.

Something clicked in my heart recently, and I suddenly understood that I may have my own “Big Foot Hunt” underway. 

Like all of us, there are areas of my heart and mind that struggle. They are still in the sanctification process. Come on, Jesus.

Some days, I feel like I’m on it, and other days, I’m a hot mess.

As I read and listen to podcasts, I keep catching the same phrase over and over: “If the Church/People/Reader/Listener would get this one concept, things would be so different! This _________ concept is what is truly lacking!”

Whether it be Love, Humility, the Mind of Christ, Unity, etc., there is an urgency and a promise that this is the one MIRACLE FIX for what ails us. 

So, I started to believe that maybe I hadn’t quite read the right book yet, or listened to the right message, or figured out the right formula, or found BIG FOOT yet.

I so want to be like Jesus. I want to be formed in His image and look and smell like Him. 

A miracle fix found in a book or a sermon may not be what I need. Trying harder on this hunt may not bring about my moment of transformation.

As usual, when something is off, it’s because my eyes aren’t on Jesus. Looking for a fix instead of Jesus isn’t going to get me where I need to go. 

When change takes longer than I’d like, I simply struggle to trust that something is actually happening. Is Jesus working or not? His Word says that He is always bringing about GOOD.

The Find.

The wild thing about the kingdom of God is that there is space for the miraculous

ANYTHING can happen when Jesus shows up.  

I heard a message a few years back by Havilah Cunnington, a pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, CA, and I was reminded of it this week.

She shared how most of our progress is slow and steady. She has four boys, and they will do chores for money. Her oldest (6 at the time) worked hard and earned $14 for their trip to Disneyland. 

Her second oldest, didn’t want to work for money at all, and didn’t have any money for the trip. It just so happened to be his birthday though, and his grandparents gave him a card. 

Inside the card was a $20 bill.

He didn’t work for it, or earn it in any way. 

It was pure grace. 

The miraculous showed up.

Jesus can do the miraculous in a moment. He did this over and over in the Gospels. 

My problem is that the miraculous $20 moments are a lot more convenient than the normal $14 days. 

As Havilah Cunnington says, “Most of the kingdom is a $14 day.”

And a common $14 day with Jesus is a miracle in and of itself!

I think the majority of our spiritual formation isn’t comprised of miraculous moments, but is a process of consistently choosing Jesus in our everyday common hours.

Christ is having His way in us. He is continually moving us toward His nature.

Thank Jesus, there is room for both the common everyday and the miraculous moments, and He shows up in both with His healing, His revelation, His power, His grace. 

So while we won’t be selling our home to go hunting for Big Foot, I may run into him around the next corner… Anything can happen!

How do you feel about your $14 days? Have you had some incredible $20 moments? Let's leave room for both without discarding the other!

Here's the sermon clip (14 min) from Havilah Cunnington (she's preaching on the topic of envy):